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Estate Guardian is a different product from most administrative tools, it doesn't tell you what to do, you tell it how it can help you do your job better!

You define the tasks that you want Estate Guardian to manage for you using a number of views that are defined like a spreadsheet using formula.
Now you have told Estate Guardian what you want you can sit back and let Estate Guardian do the work, you are warned when exceptions occur that need your intervention, then with a simple drag and drop you can affect all of the machines that need your attention.

If you want to monitor the number of actual installations and how many of those products are actually being used in real time. It is a simple job to create a couple of columns with definitions like this, the results will be similar to the output of the bottom view in the desktop screen above.


Monitoring licenses in real-time allows you to efficiently manage your concurrent licenses before the server informs you that you have run out of licenses and stops services. All you have to do is add a warning when a specified number of machines are active within a view you have defined.


Estate Guardian allows you to define you business rules using an full expression editor allowing you to monitor complex events immediately across your entire estate.


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