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Welcome to Estate Guardian V6.3

Estate Guardian is the worlds most advanced product of its' class, offering the highest value-for-money comparison of any competitor product:

* Lowest possible entry cost*.
* It's simple to use yet unbelievably powerful when applied.
* Its' performance and operation within your computer estate is continuous, omnipresent and invisible.

And you definitely need Estate Guardian:

* When your computer estate demands tight management and corporate policy adherence.
* When your administrators are bogged down with complex work.
* When your investment in business-as-usual is being suffocated from backlogs.

Classic problems that Estate Guardian is solving (and solving them instantly):

* Dial-up users not adhering the Anti-virus and firewall rules.
* Complex software rollouts.
* Software licensing.
* Statistical monitoring to determine vital upgrades.
* Hardware and Software inventory.

So when you need to know:

* What's Happening.
* Where it's Happening.
* How often it's Happening.

Estate Guardian will tell you and also let you do something about it, in a heartbeat.

Don't delay, why not try Estate Guardian today:

* Estate Guardian 10** is fully functional.
* Best of all it's completely free.


For more information mail leaving contact details.

* (EstateGuardian 400 - 699 GBP for up to 400 concurrent computers as of 7 May 2004)
** (EstateGuardian 10 - restrictions apply, see download information)
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